I’m Mark Maloney, and I founded Roanoke Custom Gaming, which started out as Roanoke Custom Gaming Tables.

I got into gaming back in 2011 when I moved down to Roanoke, as a way to meet new people. Over time, my passion for games grew and grew. So as my collection got bigger and the games more complex, an everyday table just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Looking online for gaming tables, my jaw hit the floor from seeing the prices. I figured I could build my own for a lot less. So, I took my knowledge of wood working that I learned from my father and grandfather, as well as from the years spent in the wood shop in high school, and I set out to build my own gaming table. With my friend’s help, we went for it! And boy, did we go big! After a few months of planning and construction, The ENCHANTER was born.

After that, as a wedding present to our good friend and leader of our board game group, we came up with our 2nd design, The MERRITT. Our goal for its design was to give him the gaming table that he always wanted, but as requested by his wife keep it the look of a traditional dining table. She was skeptical at the idea, but we won her over after she saw the completed product.

After making the two tables and receiving plenty of compliments and questions, I decided why not offer my services to anyone else that has been seeking a gaming table that they can actually afford. So, in 2015 Roanoke Custom Gaming Tables was born.

After starting Roanoke Custom Gaming Tables, I've made tables for people all over the Roanoke and New River Valley and across the country! But as a one man shop, I put in a lot of time and energy to ensure that any table that leaves my garage is the best that it can be.


In April 2019 a very important event happened in my life. My first child was born. I didn't want to miss out on anything in the early moments of his life. While enjoying time with my wife and son, I knew I needed to make a decision about Roanoke Custom Gaming Tables. I knew if I got back into making tables that would be a lot of time away from my family. So I knew going back to that, at least for now, was not an option. But then I started to think about another avenue in the gaming community that I wanted to get into, all the cool accessories and things that can help make gaming easier!

So I decided to change up the name, come up with a new logo, and create some cool new products!